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DubaiSat 2 is all set for Nov. 21 launch

DubaiSat 2, the UAE's second satellite, will be launched from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia on Thursday, Nov 21, the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) announced on Wednesday. "EIAST is committed to driving a comprehensive scientific renaissance in the UAE,” Director General of EIAST, Yousuf Al Shaibani commented on the second launch. EIAST, a strategic initiative to inspire scientific innovation and technological advancement in the UAE, is set to send DubaiSat 2 into space on Nov. 21, 2013 from the Yasny launch base in Russia, it said. Dubai's second satellite will be deployed using the Russian Dnepr rocket launcher in co-operation with the Russian International Space Company (Kozmotras). "EAIST is committed to influencing a comprehensive scientific renaissance in the UAE and to being a key player in disseminating information, building capacity, and improving research and development in the fields of outer space technology, satellite manufacturing, space imaging, ground station services, and satellite support,” said Al Shaibani. "The successful conclusion of a series of tests on DubaiSat 2 reflects the experience and dedication of the UAE engineers working on this project. The team includes 16 Emirati engineers working in collaboration with our strategic partner from South Korea, Satrec Initiative. Peaceful purposes The main objective of launching DubaiSat 2 is to provide various stakeholders with accurate information and images primarily for peaceful purposes, including disaster and crisis management, urban planning, and scientific research,” he said. The satellite, carrying the Expo 2020 among others, was recently transported from South Korea to Russia under the supervision of EIAST engineers in preparation for its launch after it underwent a series of tests.