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MBRSC launches Majarat Magazine in order to spread knowledge of space science

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has announced the launch of its new magazine ‘Majarat’, which focuses on space science and technology. The aim of the magazine is to spread knowledge and awareness about the Centre’s work, local and global space science news and related discoveries and points of scientific interest from around the world.

Published bimonthly in Arabic and English, the magazine will set new standards in science publications, discussing sophisticated topics in layman’s language to suit various age groups and educational backgrounds. Majarat will be distributed in ministries, government departments, universities, and youth and sports clubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

The official name of the magazine, Majarat, is inspired by space science and means ‘galaxies’ in Arabic. The magazine comprises four main sections, including news and topics about MBRSC, a section covering international space science news and topics, a managerial section, and a section on science, experiments and innovations.

The magazine's methodology spans various aspects of journalism, including news, reports, surveys, articles, studies, translated topics, special space imagery, and infographics. The magazine's design and layout will be in line with the latest standards in modern media, based on short, accurate and straight-froward pieces of information, as well as high-quality illustrations and images, while its own branding and colors are inspired by the colors of the UAE national flag: white, red, green and black. The magazine will also be published in soft copy on the Centre’s website .

Commenting on the launch, Mona Al Qemzi, Assistant Director General, Administrative and Financial, MBRSC and Editor in Chief of the magazine, said: "One of MBRSC’s highest priorities is to create community awareness about science and technology. With its determination to educate the community and to continuously expose the new generation to this exciting and progressive sector that is evolving at impressive rates, the Centre also aims to enhance the UAE’s position as a pioneer in this field. We need to engage highly qualified personnel in the future, who will join the current team and work on the ambitious projects the Centre is planning in the field of space science and satellites."

She added: "Majarat is only one of the tools for achieving these ambitious goals, and what makes it unique is that it is the very first magazine in the UAE specializing in space science".

"Majarat will be a link between MBRSC and the various ministries, authorities and academic bodies in the UAE, as well as a link to community members. It will facilitate in spreading information about the activities of the Centre, its projects, achievements, as well as all news in the fields of space science and technology," Al Qemzi concluded.

MBRSC is a Dubai Government entity which aims to promote scientific innovation and technology advancement in Dubai and the UAE. The Centre works on research projects and studies related to space science, in line with the approach of the United Arab Emirates, in its quest to develop the sector and build national academic skills through it.

Among the most prominent tasks entrusted to the Centre are the design, implementation, and supervision of all phases of launching the “Hope Probe” to explore Mars. The Centre is also responsible for all projects related to satellite technology and applications and specialized projects, and advanced technical projects assigned to stakeholders. Also, the Centre provides space imaging and earth station services and support to other satellite services.

In 2009, MBRSC launched "DubaiSat-1" into space, the first remote sensing satellite. In 2013, the second satellite "DubaiSat-2" was launched, while work is underway to launch the third satellite "Khalifa Sat", which is being built purely by Emirati engineering and expertise in the UAE.