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Space Projects DubaiSat-1

DubaiSat-1 Manufacturing in 2009 The first step taken by the UAE on its journey to enter the space era

DubaiSat-1 is the first Earth observation satellite owned by the UAE. Since it was launched in 2009, it has captured and sent a large number of high-resolution satellite images to the ground station at MBRSC. These images have supported urban and environmental planning processes in the UAE.

DubaiSat-1 represented the first step taken by the UAE on its journey to enter the Space Age by developing its first main batch of space specialised engineers who have played a leading role in transferring their knowledge to the second generation of Emirati space engineers. In that context, the strategy of MBRSC has focussed on scientific innovation and technological progress to advance the knowledge-based and advanced technology development in the UAE. The success of DubaiSat-1 has served as an incentive to achieve more.

DubaiSat-1 manufacturing process in South Korea provided an unprecedented training and learning experience to the engineers of MBRSC. The team of engineers travelled to South Korea to work and study as a part of a Knowledge Transfer Programme MBRSC signed with Initiative, a company specialised in manufacturing satellites. This experience provided the engineers with significant insights to the advanced space science.


Services Provided by DubaiSat-1

The satellite imagery provided by UAE’s first satellite served as a vital tool in helping the UAE complete urban planning, develop infrastructure, support major development projects, such as Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Al Maktoum International Airport, and monitor environmental changes and weather conditions across the Gulf region and the Asian continent. DubaiSat-1 also played a key role in supporting the relief efforts in areas affected by natural disasters around the world, including the earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan in 2011.