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Space Projects DubaiSat-2

DubaiSat-2 Manufacturing Journey A new high-end engineering model

Work on DubaiSat-2 in MBRSC began immediately after the launch of DubaiSat-1. It took four years to develop the satellite, and it was manufactured in South Korea. Working side-by-side with their Korean counterparts, Emirati engineers worked on designing and manufacturing the satellite and represented 70% of the project team. This project was a continuation of the Knowledge Transfer Programme that started with the manufacturing of DubaiSat-1 with the Korean partner, Initiative. After the successful completion of the design, development and testing phases, a world-class satellite emerged with outstanding specifications and according to the highest international standards back then. It was globally registered as a trademark for the UAE.

DubaiSat-2: An Innovative Design with Advanced Technology

MBRSC launched the observation satellite DubaiSat-2 from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia, using the Dnepr rocket launcher. It was placed into a Solar Dun Synchronous Orbit at an altitude of 600 km on November 2013, and it became the second UAE-owned satellite to orbit the Earth. DubaiSat-2 has played a major scientific role in enhancing the UAE's global position in the field of space science and advanced technology. The process of designing and manufacturing DubaiSat-2 represented an important step in the development journey of MBRSC and its engineers. It provided them with comprehensive expertise and deep knowledge of space science and advanced technology manufacturing. DubaiSat-2 represented an entirely different endeavour for MBRSC: it came from a new engineering model that employed innovative specifications and technology that surpassed the capabilities of those used in the first satellite, DubaiSat-1. This enabled DubaiSat-2 to provide high-resolution satellite-imaging services that have met the needs of local and international customers. It has competed with the services provided by the world’s most advanced satellite companies.

DubaiSat-2 Provides MBRSC’s Clients with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

DubaiSat-2 provides electro-optical imagery captured with a push-broom camera using Time Delay Integration sensors (TDI). The satellite generates imagery in both panchromatic (spatial resolution of 1m) and 4 multi-spectral bands (4m) across an area of 12.2 km.

Technical Specifications of DubaiSat-2

DubaiSat-2 is characterised by outstanding capabilities. It is equipped with a propulsion system that enables it to control its altitude above ground level and allows automatic orbit correction in case of any deviation from the orbit through a set of predetermined and saved commands in its computer. This satellite also features an innovative technology to enhance the manoeuvring capability and increase its speed by 300%, compared to DubaiSat-1. DubaiSat-2 has the capacity to store approximately 17,000 km2 of image data.


DubaiSat-2 Satellite Imagery Uses

Satellite imagery provided by DubaiSat-2 is used in the study of environmental changes, water, ice life, and human presence. It provides high-quality satellite imagery that can be used for many purposes including urban planning, environmental projects (such as environmental changes) and infrastructure projects (such as mapping and disaster management). Satellite imagery is provided to local and international customers from government and private institutions inside and outside the UAE to be used in project management, publications and web publishing.