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About Us - Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre Establishment decree of MBRSC

The centre's goal is to establish the space sector and advanced technology in the UAE

The Establishment Decree of MBRSC

The Establishment Decree of MBRSC

As Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued a decree establishing MBRSC in 2015. He expressed intention of furthering the UAE’s efforts in the space sector, enhancing space exploration, science and advanced technology and strengthening the role of the UAE as a leading hub for scientific explorations and as a country that can compete with scientifically advanced countries.

The Tasks of MBRSC as Stipulated in the Decree

The decree stipulates that the centre, to achieve its objectives, shall have the right to establish technological companies, invest in satellite projects, launch space projects, fund space-related research and studies, coordinate with government, regional and international entities, hold specialised conferences and develop regional and global networks in the field of space science and technology and its applications.

The centre will:

  • Provide an integrated infrastructure dedicated to manufacturing satellites in the country to use their application in all development sectors.
  • Develop a generation of competent Emiratis in the field of space science, promote innovation in this field, and launch scientific and educational programmes in collaboration with specialised international entities.
  • Promote scientific development and innovation in space science in the UAE, fund research and studies and sponsor projects related to this field.
  • Serve vital development sectors in the country through the adoption of the best international practices and applications in space science and advanced space technology.