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2nd Annual EMM Science Workshop Explore Mars Poster Competition

Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) is pleased to announce its first Explore Mars poster competition focusing on Mars science.

This exciting and important competition is open for all undergraduate and graduate students to present a research proposal in a poster style. Poster submissions should propose future research with a focus on the geology, atmosphere, or habitability of Mars.

Explore Mars Poster Competition

Explore Mars Competition Registration Deadline has been extended to 18th of September!

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Explore Mars Poster Competition


During the poster presentation session, the top 3 posters will be chosen and awarded to present their research proposal as a presentation during the workshop session. The 1st prize winner will be announced by the end of the workshop

  • 1st Prize Winner
    1. Money prize of 10,000 AED
  • 2nd Prize Winner
    1. Money prize of 7,000 AED
  • 3rd Prize Winner
    1. Money prize of 5,000 AED
Explore Mars Poster Competition

Poster Requirements

The poster must include the following sections and requirements:

  • Content Requirements
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Objective and scientific merit
    4. Literature Review with a minimum of 10 relevant references that has recently been published (dating not more than 10 years)
    5. Research methodology (including possible challenges)
    6. Proposed path forward
  • Submission Requirements
    1. Poster size should not exceed 45 inches x 45 inches (114cm x 114cm)
    2. Submission of posters should be in PDF format and sent to before 28th of September, 2016.
    3. All competitors are expected to prepare a 10 – 15 minute presentation slides presenting their proposed research proposal.
Explore Mars Poster Competition

Eligibility Requirement

  • The participant must be an active undergraduate or graduate level student.
  • Each poster can have an advisor to guide the project.
  • The maximum number of students per poster is 3.
Explore Mars Poster Competition

Poster Evaluation

The evaluation of posters will be conducted in the poster presentation session during the 2nd Annual Science workshop, which will be held on Monday 3rd of October, 2016. The judging committee is comprised of international and national scientists renowned in the field of mars research. The judging committee will evaluate the scientific merit behind each proposed research poster based on:

  • Scientific Content (80%)
    1. Abstract (10 points) – maximum of 250 words
      • Abstract informative, well written and correlates with presentation
    2. Content— (70 points)
      • Clear Introduction
      • Background and literature review includes at least 10 relevant cited sources
      • Objectives clearly stated & concise
      • Proposed methodology of research clear & concise
      • Significance of proposed research to the field of study
      • Feasibility of the research proposed
  • Poster Display (20%)
    1. Organization (10 points).
      • Logical order, minimum redundancy, effective use of space, good transition between sections
    2. Text, Figures, and Tables (10 points)
      • Legible with large fonts, color contrast, no conflicting backgrounds
      • Text without grammatical errors; not excessively wordy
      • Effective use of figures and/or tables, coordinated with text

Important dates

Registration for the poster competition deadline 18th of September
Poster submission deadline 28th of September
Winners Announcement 3rd of October (during workshop)

For any further information about the workshop, please contact