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Satellite Imagery

We provide our clients with an extensive portfolio of high-resolution earth satellite imagery datasets for locations across the globe...

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Satellite Imagery Gallery

Discover and explore the array of images sent back to Earth from both DubaiSat-1 and DubaiSat-2, as they orbit our planet...

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Satellite Image Analysis

Our satellite image analysis service combines the latest software and technology with our domain expertise in data processing...

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Ground Station Leasing

Our mid-latitude ground station is readily available for use by clients aspiring to utilise our technology for satellite communication...

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Partnership Programme

Through our partnership programme, we embark on joint ventures in the pursuit of achieving common goals and objectives...

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Antenna Hosting Service

Our antenna hosting services are ideal for all organisations requiring an antenna in the region, and include land lease, installation and maintenance...

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Environmental Monitoring Services

Monitoring and analysing global changes in the environment, vegetation, coastal erosion, pollution and red tide across the world...

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Global Disaster Management Support

We provide advanced, high-resolution images to governments and international organisations in order to assist with rescue efforts in the event of disasters...

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We offer our specialist consultancy services to the decision makers within the UAE government and private organisations globally...

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Case Studies

In-depth studies of a selection of successful projects undertaken by MBRSC for clients throughout the UAE...

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Sample products

You can find Sample of Our Products here, you can download it as well...

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