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Space Projects

UAE Astronaut Programme

The UAE Astronaut Programme aims to prepare the first Emirati astronaut corps to participate in global space exploration missions starting from 2021...

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Emirates Mars Mission - Hope Probe

In July 2014, the UAE leadership announced the launch of the Emirates Mars Mission project by the President of the UAE. HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued a decree establishing the UAE Space Agency...

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UAE Earth Observation Satellites- KhalifaSat

KhalifaSat is the first satellite fully manufactured in the UAE by a team of highly qualified Emirati Engineers...

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DubaiSat-1 Manufacturing in 2009 The first step taken by the UAE on its journey to enter the space era ...

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DubaiSat-2 Manufacturing Journey A new high-end engineering model ...

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Nayif-1 is UAE’s first nanosatellite. It represents the first milestone of the sustainable Knowledge Transfer Programme, and MBRSC looks forward to launching it in collaboration with educational institutions in the UAE...

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DM Sat-1 Nanosatellite

DM Sat-1 is the first nanosatellite manufactured in the UAE for the purposes of environmental monitoring. It comes with features that represent the next generation capabilities of nanosatellites...

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The First Passive Off-Grid House

The Passive Autonomous House of MBRSC is independent of the electricity grid, produces power using renewable energy sources and provides optimum comfort according to the scientific standards...

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